Tuesday, July 8, 2008

See Kai Run just keeps getting better

See Kai Run is one of our staple favorites over here, we did a review awhile back on their Noah shoe and I swear with each new season the shoes just keep getting better. I can tell you I am already foaming at the mouth just waiting to see the styles that will be coming out here shortly. I got a secret sneak peak at the Eleven Collection's (See Kai Run's sister company for bigger kids) fall line up and its really just stunning I already have my favorites picked out!

The best part about all this waiting and watching is that most of the current styles are on sale. You can pick up my current favorite the in the boys collection, the Levi, for $26 or the absolutely adorable pair of Aprils for girls for $28. The April reminds me a bit of strawberry shortcake with that pink backgrounds and the red almost candy looking stripes. Yum.. I get hungry thinking about it.

If you see something on sale you must have you better act quick because the sale shoes are gone when they are gone.. and I do mean GONE. Get the point?

Not on sale, but absolutely worth a look if you have a little girl is the Lola. I think every little girl has a love affair with ballerina shoes at some point in her life. Though I have no inspirations to be a dancer, I failed miserably at my ballet lessons, I will admit I never did get over my love affair with the shoes. The Lola combines the look and flair of those precious shoes and puts them into a toddler friendly, quite stunning, pair of pink shoes.

Oooo the new line is almost here, and with that comes a whole new set of soft soled booties for babies from 0-18m. I am so excited I just can't wait.

See Kai Run's shoes are available directly from their website.

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Stephanie said...

SKR is my favorite toddler shoe brand...by far! Such stylish and sturdy shoes for little feet!

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