Thursday, July 17, 2008

My favorite place to buy games!

I'm a gaming nut, computer games, ds games, gamecube, xbox, you name it I've probley played it. Before Connor was born it was my favorite way to spend an afternoon, since my very first computer game Quest for Glory 1, I've been hooked. Sure I had an Atari before then, and even a Texas Instrument but nothing was ever quite the same after that first Quest for Glory game. I really hate to admit this.. but I even met Connor's dad playing World of Warcraft.

Sadly I don't have nearly as much time to play computer games these days, between Connor, school and the blog its really a luxury more than a hobby. Though I do try to make at least a few hours a week to play something just to unwind. Ever since I purchased that very first Quest for Glory game in 1991 at Babbages (which is now Gamestop!) I have made at least 90% of my purchases from Gamestop. Though I hate to even admit this until I did the review it had been quite a while since I had been back into one of their stores, but thats going to change if I ever actually get a break from school. heh.

Well I went in and check the great selection of used games. I found a few that I would have really liked to have. We have several Gamestops here in Montgomery but the one I went to had a massive selection of pre-owned ds games. So many in fact that I think their used selection was almost as good as their new selection. If your on a budget I always recommend people to check the used selection first. You never know sometimes you can even find almost brand new releases in there. Though I ended up passing up all the used games though I did see a copy of Wario for the Wii that I really wanted. In the end though I ended up putting down some money to reserve my copy of the upcoming release of my second favorite game of all time... the new version of Harvest Moon that is due to be released soon. I cannot even tell you how stinkin excited I am.

Even if your not particularly shopping for any game in particular its always fun to stop by and check out their display machines and try out a few games that otherwise you might not consider. Depending on the store sometimes you can even ask to try out one of the used games on one of their display machines.

You can also go online and check out all the new releases, up coming releases and even browse their used section online at the Gamestop website.

Thanks Mom Central for giving us the heads up on this review!

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I love the different sizes of prints it does. I would mostly print pics of my boys. Love the prize, great contest!

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