Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Mommy Hook.. it sounds like a pirate contraption!

I know what your thinking, The Mommy Hook sounds like something from Peter Pan. Possibly its a device that will allow you to snatch your kid off the recliner before they sky dive onto the floor from across the room? Nah, but it's just as cool.

At first glance the Mommy Hook just looks like an over sized climbing hook like the ones that have become popular as key chains, and yes.. it is for the most part but It does so much more than hold your keys.

The Mommy Hook, well, does anything you want it to but its most useful feature is adding more storage to your stroller. Personally my favorite small stroller is currently the Mutsy Spider and my only complaint has ever been the lack of a large storage basket, not to mention that there is no way on earth that my current purse will even remotely fit in that tiny basket. All I have to do now is slip on my Mommy Hook and I can put as many shopping bags and purses as I can fit on there.

The Mommy Hook is unusual as the back part of the hook is padded with a foam padding. This keeps the Mommy Hook in place and prevents it from sliding all over your handle, as well gives you a comfortable place to grip when you are lifting your bags off the stroller. You can actually just leave all the bags on the hook and put them in the car with the hook in place to make them easier to carry!

The Mommy Hook is available for purchase directly from Keen Distribution for $7.99!


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