Thursday, July 31, 2008

I can see again!

I used to make fun of people who spent more than $20 on a pair of sunglasses. After the month I have had with my eye problems and now the need to pretty much wear sunglasses anytime the sun is even remotely out, I will no longer laugh. Actually I find myself checking out other people's shades now.

After that icky eye thing happened it was recommended that I get a pair of wrap around sunglasses. Sorry guys, I just can't bring myself to enter that level of geekyness and please if someone know where you can find a pair of wrap around that actually look good I'll consider it! The last thing I want is to look like an 80 year old blind person. At least that's the thing I'm attempting to avoid, as with my many visits to the retinal specialist I hang out with those cool cats sometimes weekly.

It seemed almost fate when Julbo contacted me within days of my eye troubles, and little did I know it then, but my Julbo glasses seriously make me feel a thousand times better when m driving. I got a pair of the Spectron 5 Julbo Cube's in pink, of course, which is the highest rated UV protection that will still allow you to drive.

The Julbo Cube is designed for outdoor activities and they come with a super light plastic frame that is actually pretty well done, as thus far Connor has yet to be able to break them, though he has tried on several times. I swear he is getting smarter than I am by the day as he is constantly moving things to climb up to steal things out of my purse no matter where I stash it.

The one thing I noticed right away when I put on my Cube glasses is how tightly they fit to your face, it actually threw me off at first and took some getting used to, but now I love it. With their low profile they mimic fully wrap around glasses, meaning you get little to no light invading around the frames The low profile allows the Cubes to really stay put no matter what your doing. I never have to worry about my glasses falling off my head even if I'm hanging upside down (yes seriously). They actually stay put soo well that I have found myself putting them on top of my head while I'm in a store and spending ten minutes looking for them in my purse only realizing that they were on my head the whole time. No I am not blond, but I hate to admit that I've almost worn them to bed the same way at nap time.

Even in the Alabama heat and intense air conditioning that these local stores like to dish out I have only experienced them fogging up once and that was last week on our most humid and hot day this summer. I can't really blame them seeing as I went from about 60 degrees air conditioned to almost 100 degrees with drastic humidity.

The kids selection at Julbo is even more delicious than the adults. Connor has a pair of the Chocolate/Blue Loopings 3s which not only fit his head fabulously but come complete with spectron 6 glasses which also completely protect his little eyes from damaging UV rays. Though we still have to have a bit of a chat about keeping them on. The color combo really goes perfectly with everything in his wardrobe, which is a huge plus! The best part though is the fact that the frames on the kid's Julbos are super flexible and will easily hold up to almost anything your active toddler can throw at them. Unlike some of the stiff plastic frames I have seen in cheaper glasses I am not even remotely worried about Connor breaking them as he attempts to put them on himself. They also come with an optional strap to keep them on if necessary which we use when we are shopping at the outdoor malls here.

You can check out Julbo's entire line of glasses on their website. I know I personally will not be caught without mine these days. Julbo glasses are available at many sporting good stores or you can buy them directly from Julbo.

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Anonymous said...

Angela -

Hang in there with your vision. We are all thinking of you!

I love all the fun colors for kids!

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