Thursday, July 24, 2008

It actually makes math fun!

I hate math, I'm really bad at it to boot, but thats mostly from the fact that as a kid I moved every year or two and every school I went to was in a totally diffrent spot math wise so I have pretty big holes in my learning. What math I did learn in school I credit for the most part to my Texas Instrument computer and this crazy math program I had on there. (For those of you that even remember what a Texas Instrument and no I'm not talking about the calculators.) Really the big reason why it was so successful in helping me with my math skills is that it kept me interested as the last thing I want to do is sit around and work on something that might as well be a weird form of torture, as honestly thats how I feel when I do my math homework for college now. Anyone interested in getting face reconstruction surgery so they can go take pre-cal for me at college this semester?

SchoolZone has always been a great company that translates learning into fun. Their line of Readiness workbooks are a great way to virtually tricking your kids into learning. I honestly have to tell you that the Math Readiness Sticker Workbook combines two of my favorite things, doing puzzles and stickers. Mix in a little math and who would ever know? It covers all the basics including counting to 12, simple money skills, telling time, and very basic addition and subtraction.

If you really love the Math Readiness Sticker Workbook its worth a look to check out all the other sticker workbooks including Alphabet Fun and Ready for School.

All of SchoolZone's workbooks are available directly on their website.

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Our boys would really enjoy these

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