Monday, July 14, 2008

The coolest thing since .. well I donno what.

Oh.. my.. control yourself. The geek in me wants to take this little bad boy and run out into the front yard and scream DOMO at the top of my lungs. *deep breath* Ok for those of you that do not know who Domo is.. find the nearest techosavy slightly geeky teenager and just ask them. I warn you in advance though you might invoke mass hysteria and screams of D. O.. M.. O.. DOMO! Wee.

Ok now that I have properly either scared you away or gotten your attention, and even if you have no idea who Domo is I think everyone can find a Mimobot that they will fall in love with as much as I love my little Domobot. Mimobots have to be the coolest.. and I do mean COOLEST.. USB drive known to man. Limited edition, numbered, and designed like no other USB drive you will find seriously they are a work of art as much as they are functional.

My little Domo drive sits on my desk and I entrust him to the most precious cargo I have, all my backups of Connor's best pictures. Plus he just looks great on my desk so he is doing double duty.

Mimobots after all, no matter how cool they look, are functional USB drives available in 1 to 8 gigs. While your over at Mimobot buying yourself a new friend, don't forget to buy your bot a protoHoodie. Not only will it keep your Mimobot safe and warm it will also allow you to carry them on your key chain or hook them inside your backpack. I know the last thing I want is my precious Domo getting lost on our trips to school.

Mimobots are available directly from their website. If you see one that you just love, buy it now as you never know when they will sell out of designs. They are after all limited editions so once they are gone they are gone.


Anonymous said...

aaahhh!! those are ta die for!! I love 'em! Thanks much.

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Unknown said...

I love the Princess Leia!!!

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