Friday, June 6, 2008

Wow talk about a goregous swing!

Wow.. I can't say I have ever been floored by a outdoor swing until now. The Holmsater Solvej Toddler swing is quite possibly the most beautiful piece of outdoor children's products we have ever encountered to date.

Made in by a couple in New Zealand they are carefully made of weather and rot resistant acrylic canvas, non toxic paints, and an sustainable wood so your swing not only looks amazingly great but it is made to last. Holmsater actually warranties their swings for NINE years... with an exception to the rope and even if the breakage is your fault they will still replace the part at a reasonable cost. Thats quite easily longer than you will need the swing unless you have multiple children.

The Holmsater toddler swing is suitable for children six months (about the time they can hold their head stable as it does not recline) to six years. The swing actually converts from a toddler swing to a children's swing quite easily. There is also a sunroof addition you can buy if your using your swing outdoors to protect your baby from those nasty UV rays, and I would guess it would protect your swing as well!

I am honestly just floored on how gorgeous this swing is, it comes with mounting hardware and instructions on how to hang it indoors and honestly this would be the only swing I have ever seen that I wouldn't mind seeing hanging in my living room or Connor's bedroom. We did however end up putting it outside on our new swing set and I have to say it is a thousand times prettier than our old plastic swing and Connor loves it. Plus, Id made a bet you'd NEVER catch a plastic swing manufacture offering a nine year warranty!

It looks so comfortable I am half tempted to buy the bigger swing for myself. If you have older children or would like a matching swing that can hold an adult you really must check out the child's swing as well. It is rated to hold up to 532 kg which would be about 241 lbs so it can hold most adults. The trapeze bar also looks like great fun though I am not sure I would recommend a full grown adult to go swinging on that part.. Though if you do take a picture I want to see!

Go check out Holmsater and all their great swings! They can make you a custom made swing as well in any color you want for an additional charge. Personally Id like to have a purple set!

Holmsater is offering a $10 discount to anyone interested in purchasing one of their swings. Just email them that you found them through Seven Dogs and a Baby and they will take $10 off your order!


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