Saturday, June 21, 2008

Why did I not have a Bugabike?!?

I am rarely left totally speechless when it comes to a product. The Bugabike did just that.

The Bugabike is a balance bike which up till now I had never even seen one much less heard of one. I guess in Europe they are fairly common but here in the US its a new concept.

The idea is that before a child can use a petal bike they can learn to use a balance bike. A balance bike is basically a scaled down bike with no petals, the child can use the bike much like they would use a ride on but with the exception of the pedaling the Bugabike functions like a regular bike. The idea is that they learn balance and control of the bike so that when they are ready for a petal bike the transition is easy and there is no need for training wheels.

The Bugabike's construction is what really blows me away. The Bugabike's body is made of birch polywood, it sports pneumatic tires (just like a real bike) and rubber hand grips, and all of the fittings are high grade steel. No detail was spared and I can't find anything on which they skimped on. It comes mostly assembled all you have is install the front piece so it takes just a few minutes at most to get it ready to go. For an all wood toy the Bugabike is very light, around 8lbs, and very compact so it will easily fit anywhere so you can take it on all of your family outings with no problems. The tires on the Bugabike are great as the Bugabike will truly go anywhere from inside to outside to pretty much any terrain you can throw at it. The entire bike is warrantied for three years though honestly I can't see why it wouldn't last twenty unless you have an exceptionally rough child.

My favorite aspect of the Bugabike is the fact that its fully adjustable. It will adjust to fit children from 2 to 6 and they even offer an extension for either very tall children or older children who still love their Bugabike I am still having a hard time imagining a two year old on a Bugabike, its just blows me away. To be able to learn those balance skills that early would be an incredible confidence booster as I think everyone remembers learning to ride a bike and the freedom you get once you have it down pat. Its really you first real mode of transportation and one of the key events at least in my life of growing up.

The Bugabike is available on Amazon and comes in quite a few color choices and two choices of spokes (solid wood like Connor's bike or an open spoke design more like real bikes). Visit Bugabike's official website to see all the color options at once as well as learn more about the Bugabike!


Emily ~ Little Window Shoppe said...

What a great bike! I know what you mean, where were these when we were growing up! P.S. I think I saw this on have new puppies at your house? How fun! :)

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely hilarious. I love the girl popping a wheely on the bugabike. Exhilarating as well as educatif. Everyone wants a bugabike, everyone NEEDS a bugabike even if the fish-sickle is more interesting. I think that is a pretty popular bike... You should buy one.

camper223 said...

Very neat looking little bike.
Would be nice for my new grandson when he is able to ride one.
Thank you for letting me know by email about this cute bike.

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