Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cubeworld, its like kinda a hamster that you don't have to feed!!

When I was growing up I had a hamster.. honestly hamsters are not always the best pets for kids, they tend to bite they have a short lifespan, and well there is always that matter of finding time to clean/feed them.

The Discovery Channel Store sent me over a set of Cube World Series 2 people to review and they are far more entertaining than a hamster and you don't have to feed them other than the occasional battery.

Cube World reminds me somewhat of those little tube like cages they had for the hamsters only because each little compartment was its own little hamster habitat, some of them would spin, some had beds, some went in circles either way it was always fun to see what your hamster was up to at any moment (usually sleeping if your talking about my hamster).

Cube World may not be a hamster per say.. but you can build your own little world of cube people! Each Cube World cube is its own separate entity and has his own little unique personality depending on what type of Cube World "job" he has. My two cube people are Hans the handyman and Dusty the Cleaner.. last as I was watching them go about their business I caught Dusty using the toilet, and it obviously got clogged. Needless to say Hans came over and gave him a hand fixing his toilet.

Other than just interacting between each other the Cube World people will interact with you as well. Though its a bit cruel my favorite thing to do is to pick up the cubes and turn them upside down or shake them. Needless to say I'm not terribly sure my cube people like it but it is sort of entertaining to watch them fall around the cubes. Otherwise they are always up to something and even visit each other, shower, use the toilet, and sleep. Each of the Cube World people have their own game as well though personally I am NOT good at it..

The Discovery Channel Store has a great selection of Cube World people as well as just an endless supply of fun gadgets. I can get lost on their website for hours.

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Joy said...

That is so weird!!! But so cool, too!

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