Monday, June 16, 2008

The Crayola Digital Camera is preschooler friendly!

The Crayola Digital Camera makes for a great starter camera for children four and up!

I got the Crayola Digital Camera Scrapbooking Kit, which includes the camera itself as well as some great accessories to really get you going, putting that new camera to use.

The Crayola Digital Camera has two large handles on both sides of the camera which makes it super easy for small hands to hold. Those large handles also give the camera a bit more protection in case of falls (or drops). Though I wouldn't say its fully drop proof it certainly will fair better than your expensive compact camera in case of falls without a doubt.

The Crayola Digital Camera sports a 1.3 inch viewing screen which may seem small to those of you who have adult digital cameras, but my testers did not seem to mind at all, and you may find that small screen to your benefit as digital displays are fragile and the larger the display the higher the odds it will break during a fall. The maximum resolution on the camera is 640x480 which is not nearly what most adult digital cameras do these days, but it is enough that you can post web photos, and print up to a 4x6 without noticing it too much. It does have an internal flash which works fairly well. I only had issues with it when taking pictures close up. The buttons are VERY easy to figure out and honestly I think a child much younger than four could figure out how to take pictures with it very easily.

Really my only big complaint with the Crayola Digital Camera itself is that it does not have a slot for a memory card, so the 8mb that the camera comes with is all you get. Though at the resolution the camera is capable of that will give you enough room for plenty of pictures.

I honestly never used the software that came with the camera, though I did take a quick look at it and its very simplistic which would make it very usable for a young child. It does also have some fun features including a puppet maker which is pretty hillarious as you can make puppets out of the heads of people you took pictures of. It also includes some games including a jigsaw game (of photos you have taken) as well as a story maker.

I would classify the Crayola Digital Camera more in the toy relm other than a serious serious camera, but for the price ($59.99 retail though you can find it on Amazon routinely on sale much cheaper) just in its toddler durability factor it earns its price alone. I actually plan on giving one to Connor for Christmas this year and I am positive he will be able to figure out the buttons by then, though he may not get any use out of the software for some time I am so anxious to see what he takes his first pictures of! I will just make the picture books for him until he is a bit older and can do it himself.

The Crayola Digital Camera is available to purchase in the Crayola Store, as well as on Amazon. I also saw the Crayola Digital Scrapbooking Kit on sale on Amazon as well! I would highly recommend the kit vs the camera alone as it comes with the case and some extra goodies for basically the same price.

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Stacey Moore said...

great review ~ this would be perfect for ella. she is always wanting to take pictures with my camera!

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