Sunday, June 22, 2008

Affordable shoes you can feel good about!

My first impression of Livie & Luca was that they reminded me of these great shoes I saw all over France on my visits. Tough at $28.50-37.00 a pair believe me when I say that the Livie & Luca shoes are about a third of the price especially with the conversion to Euros these days.

Livie & Luca's shoes are incredibly well made of very high quality leather. The soles are flexible but durable enough for heavy outdoor wear. The most attractive feature of these shoes past their stunning good looks is the work Livie & Luca does behind the scenes even before you get your finished shoes.

Each pair of Livie & Luca are handmade from high quality leather scraps that may have otherwise gone to waste. This allows Livie & Luca to not only sport an incredible product at a reasonable price, each pair is just slightly diffrent. As well Livie & Luca have two programs to give back. The first is once your child has outgrown their Livie & Luca shoe you can donate them to Art of Humanity and receive a free shipping coupon for your next order. As well Livie & Luca donates 10% of their online sales each month to a selected charity.

To learn more about Livie & Luca or purchase your own pair check out their website!!


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