Thursday, June 12, 2008

Abstract painting for anyone...

Ok its official.. I am now totally obsessed with the Discovery Store's selection of products. Every time I go back I end up falling in love with something else.

Ive been looking high and low for some sort of "art" supply that was totally portable, did not require refills, and did not use batteries or electricity of any kind so it would be portable and well I just hate having to take my batteries and battery charger with me everywhere so when it comes to traveling toys I try to avoid batteries all together.

The Colora by Hape toys solves all those problems in one fail swoop and its eco friendly to boot! Made with diffrent shaped Bamboo "blocks" with a magnetic board you just arrange the blocks any way you see fit to make new pictures, textures, or even beautiful abstract works of art. Each of the blocks are slightly curved in one direction which adds a whole new 3D element to the arrangements as well. The best part is its fairly small a little less than 10 x 10 so its the perfect lap toy for long car trips. Personally I find them addicting and they are are great for older preschoolers (4+) up to adults!

The Colora is part of the Bamboo collection of eco-friendly toys sold at the Discovery Store. The Discovery Store actually lets you search their store for eco friendly toys and goods and gives them logos as to how they are eco-friendly. The Bamboo Collection is rated as renewable as Bamboo is fast growing (grows back in 3 years!) and the Colora is made with water based stains!

Go check out the Discovery Store's eco-friendly department!


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