Monday, May 5, 2008

Vrrrooom Vrrooom!

You know I was/am a huge block fan.. as is Connor but I have never up till now experienced K'NEX. Honestly I thought they looked "hard" and I'd end up getting frustrated with them or they would make me look stupid. (LOL) So when I got the opportunity to review a set of K'NEX I figured it was now or never.

You know, they are not as hard as it seems... I would put them in the area of challenging for a young child but certainly not frustrating or impossible. K'NEX will certainly keep you a bit more occupied than other interconnecting blocks as the motorized aspect of building with them is a bit more time consuming.

The K'NEX dueling racers were actually really simple to get together, as well as racing a car you built yourself brings a whole new aspect to the fun and competition level to the actual racing of the cars. I have to say its a ton more fun than grabbing two plastic or metal toy cars and pushing them around the house.

Once you race your cars you can mix it up a bit and use the alternative building instructions and see if that makes any difference in how fast your car goes! Just be warned these cars are motorized so you may find yourself running down the street after them, I'm sure every kid can appreciate that one.

The K'NEX Dueling Racers are available on Amazon as well as in the K'NEX Store.


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