Sunday, May 4, 2008

I never knew something so simple would become so valuable.

While we are on the subject of baby wearing I thought this would be the perfect time to bring this up.

I stopped breastfeeding sooner than I would have liked. I had hoped to make it to at least a year if not beyond but we ended up winding down slowly after Connor turned six months as he just became so active and so wiggly it got harder and harder to manage him. It was almost impossible to keep his attention and though he did a great job nursing at night during the day it was almost torture to get him to nurse longer than a few minutes at a time before he was halfway crawling all over me and grabbing everything in range.

I don't know how many times I thought to myself.. there has to be a way to distract this kid long enough he can eat peacefully without driving me insane, or injuring one of us in the process. If I had only been told about these necklaces sooner, we might have met our goal or at least stayed feeding longer than we did.

Milk Please Mommy make the most fabulous nursing necklaces that not only solve that problem of how to keep your child preoccupied while nursing, its also a great keepsake to remember that time you shared together and a fun learning tool. Its a great way to keep those little hands busy without subjecting yourself to constant pinching, pulling, and hair twirling which many breast fed babies do at some point in the nursing experience. Connor has the Baby Boy High Contrast Necklace and we love to take it with us on trips outside the house. Even now that we are well past breastfeeding when I need a quick distraction I will get it out and we talk about all the different colors, textures, shapes, and of course his name on the necklace. Connor is just fascinated by it and its the perfect solution to the "screaming baby in the middle dinner syndrome".

Speaking of learning necklaces, the Extrasensory Exploration Nursing Necklace would be a perfect tool for not only those breast feeders who have to be playing with something while they eat, but that sliding ring on the necklace would be a great distraction for a toddler.

With that said, the Nursing Necklace is not designed to be an infant toy, and is not suitable for teething, toddlers should be supervised when playing with a Nursing Necklace as though they are designed to withstand tugging and pulling care should be taken so that your little one does not accidentally swallow a bead.

While your over at Milk Please Mommy check out their mom jewelry too as mother's day is fast approaching and they have some great selections!


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