Thursday, May 8, 2008

Uses way past nursing..

Blessed Nest sells the most divine nursing pillows you could ever imagine...

When Connor was breastfeeding, I used one of those highly marketed half donut shaped pillows which we honestly loved (so much so I had three, two of which were of different brands, but needless to say we never left home without SOMETHING).

My biggest complaint about the super puffy stuffed pillows is the fact that they are a bit hard to manage unless your sitting strait upright in a chair. This is great in comparison to using just a plain pillow or nothing, but they leave you hanging when it comes to nursing laying down or if you want to get comfortable in another position.

The Blessed Nest nesting pillow on the other hand will form to you, no matter what position you choose. The inside is stuffed with buckwheat which gives the pillow weight and it also allows the pillow to bend and curve to whatever position you've chosen. This picture shows a football type nursing position, one I found VERY difficult to achieve with those traditional pillows and a really great position to use if your nursing a very tall baby, twins, or especially helpful if you've had a c section and your avoiding laying the baby across your stomach. I used a football hold often the first few weeks with Connor and I ended up making a makeshift ramp with pillows, but the Blessed Nest nesting pillow would have made it SO easy. I am actually jealous looking at that picture as it seems so natural for her and not at all awkward like I found it to be at times with my pillow fort.

Honestly though well past breastfeeding is when the Blessed Nest nesting pillow really shows its true value. When all your other nursing pillows have made the way to the attic, that Blessed Nest will still be hanging out in the living room (or in your bedroom in my case) still proving its worth. I LOVE to use mine to watch DVD's in bed. I in the past would end up propping myself up on pillows while I laid on my stomach at the end of the bed to watch movies and always without fail my arms would fall asleep after a few minutes, so I would end up adjusting my pillow fort again over and over trying to get comfortable. Needless to say the first day my Blessed Nest showed up I tried it out.. and not only was it super supportive (no pillow fort needed) my arms were happy and I didn't end up driving anyone in the room with me crazy, as I'm no longer constantly fiddling with pillows... and If I end up falling asleep during the movie I don't end up feeling like someone kicked me in the head from having my neck cranked up on all those pillows. I think I actually sleep better on the Blessed Nest nesting pillow than I do on my regular pillow at times.

Connor appreciates my Blessed Nest nesting pillow as well. We take naps on the floor at times and it makes a great long pillow we can both rest our heads on. His favorite way to use it though is actually as a little baby sofa of sorts. If I leave the pillow on the floor of his room he will usually drag some toys over and sit on the Blessed Nest nesting pillow while he plays. It apparently makes a super good ramp for crawling as well as he spends a lot of time doing that.

Ive heard the nesting pillow makes a great doggie bed as well... sorry dogs, I'm not giving it up!

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