Thursday, May 8, 2008

Super Rug.. seriously

Ever dream of having a rug that can withstand baby spit up, dog pee, finger paints.. whatever on earth your family can dream up (aka mess up!).

Flor makes quite possibly the most family friend carpeting and rugs a mom could ask for... If you have a stain that just wont come clean.. no matter what you throw at it, well never fear you can just replace that bit of carpet or rug. Seriously..

Call FLOR the "block" version of carpet, you just put these little carpet squares together in whatever pattern/shape/color combo you choose and you have not only a custom designed rug, but they will truely fit any room or design you can dream up. I was really concerned that once they were put down you would not be able to vacuum your rug as with seven dogs in the house and Connor, vacuuming is really a daily reality. To my pleasant surprise not only can you vacuum the tiles once they are down, if one gets soiled you can also pick it up and wash it (actually wash it!!) in the sink. Oh what I would give to have my bedrooms done in FLOR .. I can only imagine how awesome it must be to be able to just wash your carpet especially once you enter those potty training years (babies or dogs) and someone has an accident. Mind you FLOR recommends that you use clean them using cool water and a non solvent cleaner if necessary. I found just a nice rinse does the trick in most situations. Though I am not sure I would recommend tons of repeated washings for longevity's sake.. but a good rinse after an "uh oh" would certainly be better than the alternative.

You know I think from the standpoint of in previous years I have moved quite a bit, the thing I regret most about not investing in a FLOR rug sooner was that all this time I didn't want to spend the money on a rug as I never knew what size I might need at the next "place". Well with FLOR you can just put as many or a little together that you need and size is never an issue.

All FLOR carpet tiles are made with some recycled fibers as well as are recyclable themselves.. so once your totally done with your FLOR no need to send it to the landfill. Just call FLOR and they will provide you a location that accepts them for recycling. Check out what FLOR is doing to go green.

FLOR has so many color options and patterns to choose from.. its a bit dizzying.. With a tile calculator and design ideas available right on the FLOR website your bound to find something to tickle your fancy!

You can buy FLOR directly from their website as well as at a local retailer.


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