Tuesday, May 6, 2008

An update

Its been a crazy week.. between learning Roo was not returning home with Nigel, to the constant dread of doom of finals lurking over my head, to a dog flying in from Chicago, to finally the birth of our newest house mates, needless to say I'm pooped. For those of you who love Prize-A-Tron don't worry I have not forgotten you my eyes are burning from being exhausted and I promise I will get back on track no later than Thursday evening.

For those of you that were wondering about our newest edition(s). Ellie (one of our chihuahuas) delivered two beautiful little girls yesterday evening. Mom and babies are doing wonderfully but I'm a bit worst for wear. I stayed up almost all night on Sunday night as she was showing signs of labor and seeing as this was her first litter and she is an awfully small Chi, I was concerned we may be making a trip to the vet for an emergency c section (not uncommon in this breed). Well come Monday late afternoon between two finals I rushed home to see if we had a puppy yet, and no.. nothing but she seemed a bit distressed to me so I rushed her into a vet here in town to watch over her (or perform the dreaded c section if need be) and was sure by the time I finished class at 5:30 we would be certain to have a puppy... nope.. nothing.. so the vet sent her home as she was laboring.. but slowly.. and he felt she was sure to have them naturally (I honestly was not so sure) and low and behold we started hearing yelps as we sat down to dinner. By the time I had the dishes cleaned up I was in the frenzy of puppy birthing as a beautiful little black and tan girl made her presence, though she gave us a scare with some fluid, she came around pretty fast though left me a bit breathless from the scramble. And to my surprise I felt Ellie's tummy and there was another puppy in the birth canal!! (NO WAY!!) Its a rare treat these days for my girls to give me two puppies as they are a bit on the smaller side and leave it to the littlest girl we have to deliver the biggest litter. Both are tri colored blacks and though a tad bit small, are healthy, active, and talkative. Though they are not out of the woods yet, things are looking positive.

Indy also returned (our champion minpin) from Chicago with a repeat breeding to Ch Valdon's Tight Squeeze. Her last litter produced easily the best dog of my breeding/showing career Ch Valdon's See You at the Top... so I am waiting on pins and needles to see if she is pregnant and if so what this litter will bring. Indy has been sleeping a lot and a bit picky about her food so I'm hoping that all points to the fact that she could be carrying extra baggage.

Otherwise finals for this semester are over on Thursday (thank goodness) and I can get busy about enjoying a few weeks off before the Summer session starts shortly.

We will be running a summer feature next week including a new summertime toy/product every day. It should be a blast and it will be a great way for us to start Connor off on what should be a great summer.


Danielle said...

Good Luck on your finals! And congrats on your famlies newest editions, they sound so cute & tiny! I am dying to a furry edition to our family! Connor is sure lucky to grow up with all the puppies.

And lastly I am so sorry to hear about Roo. I was praying he would come safe & sound.

Karen said...

Puppies! How fun. Hope your minpin has a wonderful litter. We currently have 2 expecting (we hope) and it's been such a long time since we've had a litter that I'm beginning to get puppy fever.

Superdumb Supervillain said...

what happened to poor roo?

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