Friday, May 23, 2008

Head over to Edmunds for a chance to win $3,500!!

I'm actually in the market for a new car as we speak.. We have a Dodge Ram 1500 and though I love that truck to pieces and it still has awfully low millage the gas prices are really hurting the budget. I just can't justify keeping it especially with a baby around so I really have to get my act together and start looking seriously at a new car.

is an all in one car resource page. You can search for new and used car prices, read car reviews, get tips on buying cars or selling cars, or even participate in the forums. I really especially enjoy the long term car tests.. I am really torn on the cars I'd like to own.. technically the new car will be for Connor's dad but I'd really love to get a new Honda CRV or an Element. The Nissan Rogue has also really caught my eye but price is really a huge factor this time around as the budget is tight until I am out of school so I think the Scion XD will end up winning the battle. I am still really attached to those Honda's... *sigh*. I haven't owned anything other than a Honda in the last 10+ years so its a painful change for me, and Honda has always been good to me.

Here's where things get fun! Edmunds is currently running a daily contest where the winner will walk away with cash to use towards that new car! One winner will walk away with $3,500, which would be a great down payment on a new car!! There are weekly winners of $200 as well!

Hey, If I won.. I could even get that new Honda Element!!

Basically to play all you have to do is visit the Edmunds Savvy Shopper Game and guess the MSRP within $500 to enter. Don't worry you don't have to be a car buff to get the right answer. All you have to do is search for the right MSRP on Edmunds and come back and enter the MSRP in the sweepstakes. The folks over at Edmunds wont mind if you look it up! Enter once a week for a chance to win the cash prizes!

We're crossing our fingers we win that grand prize!

Head on over to Edmunds Savvy Shopper for your chance right now!

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