Friday, May 23, 2008

Book Review : Yummy Mummy Manifesto

I'm not going to lie.. I wasn't so sure I wanted kids before I found out I was pregnant with Connor. I always thought I would have kids but I just kept getting older and older and every time I thought about it I would get slightly sick to my stomach. Not until I met Connor's dad did I really ever truely want them, and by that time it was almost too late. (I got some really bad news about my prospects just months before I found out I was pregnant)

The reason I really never considered them before Connor's surprise arrival was the fact that I was convinced that once you had kids your life would be subject to mom jeans, boring family outings, and an onset of family friendly EVERYTHING. Not to mention the overwhelming fear that I just wouldn't have any clue what to do with a baby once it got here. Only if I had read Yummy Mummy 8 years ago, or even known half of what I know now back then.

I have to admit to you guys that my maternity clothes were the hippest clothes Ive had in years, and my diaper bag is stunningly gorgeous and far prettier than any of my purses, and you know what I actually felt pretty pregnant. Dare I say it.. I can't wait to go through the entire process again, even right now as I sit here exhausted and sick with a toddler that is into everything and anything 24 hours a day. Bring it on.

The Yummy Mummy Manifesto is quite simply a handbook that will walk you through pregnancy to toddlers without loosing your style and if anything gaining some! Pregnancy and babies does not need to be the end of who you are, just a new chapter, and believe me if you love to shop there is nothing and I do mean NOTHING better than shopping for babies. The chapters are brief and not terribly in depth but you will find that its a great companion book to those boring comprehensive baby book that all of us tend to purchase the moment we find out we are pregnant. Those thick pregnancy and parenting handbooks are indispensable for the new parent but they lack the every day advice that The Yummy Mummy Manifesto provides.

My favorite aspect of The Yummy Mummy Manifesto is the casual mom to mom tone it sets as well as the beautiful illustrations. It leaves you with a feeling you have just been talking to a trusted friend which is so comforting especially to a nervous mom. During my entire pregnancy with Connor I found myself reading those pregnancy books over and over to the point I would work myself up into a panic over the smallest thing. Reading The Yummy Mummy Manifesto makes you feel as if your not alone and certainly not the first or the last mom to experience the ups and downs of motherhood and pregnancy. Speaking of which if you ever need a pep talk about how your child just ate something gross or those weird things that happen to your body while your pregnant, believe me I have tons of them.

Of all the chapters in the book the one on dress your child is my favorite. I love the fact that she feels the same about boy clothes as I do. Why is it after a certain age its impossible to find colorful fun boys clothes.. all thats available it seems after the year mark is the land of trucks and plaids. What happened to all the great colors?! I'm glad I am not the only mom that feels that way as well as not the only one that smudges the lines on what colors and styles are appropriate for boys. Connor's room is decorate in blue and lavender and though many of you may thing lavender is strictly for girls, if you saw his room you may just change your mind.

The Yummy Mummy Manifesto is available on Amazon!

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BlondeBlogger said...

Wasn't this book awesome?!! You and I were scheduled for our reviews today, but I had some Internet trouble so mine is going up in a second (just an hour past deadline...not too bad, lol). Great review!

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