Thursday, May 29, 2008

The amazing transforming Tee Shirt!

You know.. I will say this now.. I am not a huge fan of the pacifiers... They are always getting lost, falling on the ground, being thrown across the table at dinner, you name it.

Blink-Tee makes my life with pacifiers much more tolerable. Blink-Tee is a new tee shirt design that actually has a pacifier clip built into the tee shirt itself! All of Blink-Tee's tee shirts feature adorable little patch designs right on the tee. Those cute little designs look great on their own but they hide a secret. Just pull the design up and you will find an attachment for a built in pacifier clip.

When your on the go, or need to keep control of that pacifier just attach the pacifier and clip to the tee shirt directly under the design. No confusing clips to fool with, the pacifier clip just Velcro's on. When your done with the pacifier you can just remove the clip and push back down your little design and no one will ever know any diffrent! To see a more detailed visual explanation check out Blink-Tee's web site. No more lost pacifiers and no more hard to clip pacifier clips!!

Check out Blink-Tee for yourself. I highly recommend the little whale and/or crab design! All of the designs are available in 0-6 through 12-18.


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