Thursday, April 3, 2008

What would happen if blocks and marbles had a love child?

Connor loves blocks, I love marbles... you better bet he will have this set from Quadrilla when he gets older. Who needs race cars or basic blocks when you could be racing our marbles down these marble runs.

I honestly do not know whats more fun, putting it together, or watching the marbles go down the virtual roller coaster you build for them. My cousin Tommy had a blast playing with the Basic Quadrilla Set and though he did comment that it was not as challenging as building type blocks he did mention that it would be even more fun if he had some of the add ons.

Going past its entertainment value Quadrilla is by far one of the best wooden toys I've seen in terms of quality. The pieces fit together well and though I personally think I'm a bit challenged at reading the diagrams when you do finally get your Quadrilla put together the way you want it the marbles roll easily and you won't mind it sitting out on the table as its one of the most attractive toys of its size I've seen.

Though the age range says from 4+, I think the average four year old would have a bit of trouble getting a working run built by his/herself. If your four year old can do it you may just have a future architect on your hands! With a little help from mom and dad a child of any age could enjoy a Quadrilla Set once the fear of choking on the marbles has passed (age wise). Quadrilla is not only a blast but it holds vast educational value in its ability to teach logical thinking and problem solving. I'd make a bet that your kids would happily give up a day (or a week) of TV in exchange on attempting to build the perfect marble run!


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