Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Come on down!!!

I know you guys have been waiting all week.. but I have the winners of the door prizes for the first ever Birthday Bash! If you see your name and you never got an email from me lemme know right away, by our standard rules you have five days to claim your prize before we pick an alternate.

  • Braincandy - Mommyology
  • Umi Shoes - breasmommy
  • Peppers and Pollywogs (five winners) - Vanessa, Kristin, lace, And now we're a family, Elliemae
  • Snapfish (four winners) - stacy, jen mc, gunzie,
  • Happy Panda - (two winners) - nina&tom, thehuffs
  • Bibi & Mimi Shoes - Lipstick to Crayons
  • Announcements Galore - Gourmet Mom
  • Baby Love Slings - kidshealth
  • Lobotome - Mommydaze
  • Gelaskins (two winners) - Ethan @ M80, Paige
  • ARC Books (three winners) - Caryn Bailey, Judy & The Boys, HillsFarm


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