Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blog Bash - ProtectaBub

With summer pretty much here, down in the south, I wanted to make sure we addressed this before it gets any hotter.

Before you send all those adorable little munchkins out into the sun with those super cute oh so adorable tiny bathing suits on, think for just a second.

Sun cancer is no joke and though some of you may be blessed with that beautiful easily to tan, slow to burn skin, don't be fooled into thinking that protects you from UV damage! If you know your little one will be having a long day in the sun I have a great suggestion!

Protect-a-Bub must have been listening to my grandmother and her long lectures about suntans and skin cancer when they created their great, and really cute, line of children's swimsuits and sun shades. Personally no matter how long I stay in the sun I do not really tan.. I mostly just glow in the dark because I am so fair skinned. Connor looks like he has inherited my ability to scare woodland creatures in the dark (because your so white) sort of complexion. I'm sure that will mean he will also carry our families increased risk of skin cancer, so protecting his skin is super important to me!

Protect-a-Bub has a great section dedicated to sun safety. Go check it out!

Its no big deal as Protect-a-Bub sells the CUTEST little two piece swimsuits that are specially designed to protect against harmful UV rays all the while your little one will look like they are ready for a hard day of surfing. I ordered Connor the navy/turquoise suit and wow is it cute. It's attractive enough that on our summer trips down to see the grandparents in Florida we can easily go from the beach to dinner without worrying about a change of clothes. The best part is the fact that it protects against 98% of those icky UV rays, so I don't have to be constantly worried about his sun exposure and we can just enjoy his first year in the water without worry.

Protect-a-Bub swimsuits are available in sizes that fit 0 to 9 yrs old!

Along with great swimsuits Protect-a-Bub also sales some great sunshade products including a extra large sunshade add on for your stroller. After our last day at the Zoo and my strollers small built in sunshade, I may just have to try one of those out for myself!!

Protect-a-Bub is offering our readers 10% off on all orders through their online store. Just use code : protect4spring to receive the discount!

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Milk Mama said...

Those are so adorable!!! Do you think they come in my size?

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