Saturday, April 26, 2008

Blog Bash - Mhome Loft Rocker

Connor from the beginning has been all about his baby chairs, though we have had several, a vibrating chair, two separate bouncing chairs, all of them were great for diffrent reasons but I have to admit that it does get a little old at times looking at those baby themed chairs all over your house.

The Mhome Loft Rocker from Inglesia combines function and great looks in a way that both mom and baby will be super happy! Thought it may not have all the battery operated madness that some of the bouncy chairs may have, it certainly looks to be super comfortable and you can appreciate eco-friendlyness (and pocketbook friendlyness) of the baby powered rocking feature. As your baby kicks the rocker rocks.. simple! One aspect that really sets this rocker apart from the crowd is its adjustable back rest. With a simple adjustment on the back of the chair you can easily move the backrest from an almost flat position to a completely upright position.

Along with its stunningly good looks, those of you who are space challenged like we are (ie a small house) will love the fact that it is super easy to store the Mhome Loft Rocker. Just lay it flat and it will fit almost anywhere. I personally store it under my coffee table or tucked into the side of the closet. It does lay flat enough that it will fit under most cribs and beds as well. For those of you that have ever tried to pack a bouncy chair into a car on a trip will praise the fact that you can easily stash it on top of the luggage.

This rocker is rated for children up to 20lbs Connor is currently at about 18.5 lbs and the rocker is showing no signs of stress. I'd venture to say you could use it much longer than that but don't hold me to that.

Personally we love the Aqua but the rocker comes in red, black, aqua, and orange. With a price of around of $120 and its extreme versatility and travel friendly build, Id say thats quite the bargain!!

The Mhome Loft Rocker is available at Mystrollers!!!


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