Saturday, April 26, 2008

Blog Bash - Is your baby a Happy Panda?

Happy Panda is the big and tall store for babies! We've already met several babies much much younger than Connor who dwarf him in size and stature. All that baby chub cuteness is adorable but I can't even tell you how many times I have heard them complain about the fact that they have to buy their darling 6 month olds toddler sized clothing, and how they are missing out on all the cute baby attire.

Well don't fear all my beautiful little budda baby readers. Happy Panda is a line of clothing specifically designed for those larger babies while still retaining all the cuteness and softness babies need. Connor is currently in a size 12-18m and he is currently fitting into a size 12m in theHappy Panda line. Though he can still squeeze into the 6-12m they are getting a bit snug in the crotch area this week (He had a big growth spurt over the last week so he is taller just not thicker yet! lol)

I personally love how incredibly the Happy Panda onesies and lap tshirts are!! They not only feel great but they wash up just as well! I can't even tell you how often I've been soo excited about a onesie, only to throw it in the wash and it come out looking like its been worn 30 times instead of twice. Connor has a Happy Panda onesie in black and its been through the wash several times with absolutely no fading or piling on the fabric, and though I love black shirts on him I usually avoid them due to the fact that they tend to fade after a wash or two. You can just imagine how pleased I was when it didn't happen this time!

My favorite piece of the entire line though is their great little cotton pants. Connor has been impossible to get into pants from the very beginning as his small waist line makes most pants sag off his bottom. Usually the only solution is to order his pants two sizes too small and he ends up looking like he is wearing capris. We ordered one size down in the Happy Panda Pants, and when we got our pants from Happy Panda not only did they fit perfectly but the length for once was JUST right!

Happy Panda is now offering diaper cakes complete with pandas!! :)

Happy Panda has given us several gift certificates to use as part of our blog party! Two of them will go as door prizes, but two lucky winners will have a chance to win a $20 gift certificate for playing today's game!

Connor's birthday party is today and the guests have started to arrive!! Unfortunately they came without name tags, and as much as I interrogate them for their names no one is talking. Can you name our party guests (the names can be fictional or their actual names)??

To enter :

  1. Make sure you've read the rules and signed up for Connor's First Birthday Bash! If your a blogger, its simple put the banner in your sidebar and make a post about the party on your site, then sign Mr Linky with the posts link. If your not a blogger just go and visit five of the blogs on the Mr Linky list and make a comment on each one, come back here and make sure you enter all the contests!!
  2. Now here's the fun part! To enter this giveaway come up with names for our party guests! I will give bonus points to those of you that can actually tell me the "real name.. aka the manufacturer's name" for each party guest as well. I will pick a winner at random to be fair, but I will give extra credit entries for those of you who know who made, and what they are called, each stuffed animal. I've given you the answer to two of them in previous posts... the other ones are coming up in future reviews. Email your answers to with the subject "party guests contest". This contest will end May 3rd!

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