Thursday, March 6, 2008

Toy Review : Discovery Toys

I first found out about Discovery Toys when I was browsing a local christmas fair looking for those last minute and unique christmas gifts. I had been looking unique rattle to help encourage Connor, who at the time was really struggling with crawling though a christmas fair was not exactly where I thought Id find one, I spotted the Rainfall Rattle in a display of Discovery Toys! At the time I had even considered becoming a rep, but honestly between this blog, school, and Connor my time is pretty well spent though if I ever get a free second I might thinking about it some more!

Discovery Toys is not just for infants, their catalog has a great selection of affordable, safe, and sometimes really unique toys who's sales go to support the moms who represent them! Supporting other moms really a great gift as I know stay at home mom's like myself really need the support (more often than sometimes we like to admit!!)

Though Connor has not quite figured out how to hammer himself he LOVES to watch me pound the balls through the holes in the Hammer Away Boat. He can actually pick up the balls and place them on top so we have been working on our color skills. Each ball has a matching color ring, though you can hammer the ball through any of the rings, I'm trying to work on Connor's matching skills by asking him to put the balls on the same color and when he gets them right I hammer them through for him. When he gets them wrong I just move them for him either way he thinks its hilarious when the balls bonk down through the holes and come out at the bottom. Now If I can only get him to stop slobbering all over the boat and the balls it would make cleaning up after we are done a lot easier!!

For the older kids (2+) I have to admit I'm a sucker for Castle Marbleworks. This set is a great introduction for the younger set into the world of marble mazes. Unlike traditional marbles the ones included in this set chime!! How cool is that? The maze itself comes apart so you can reconfigure it however you wish, by changing the order of the colors. My only real complaint is that its not compatible with the other Marbleworks sets!

Want them?
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