Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'd sit in it myself if I'd only fit. My First Desk

My First Desk by Alex toys is soo cute I wish they had one big enough for me!

Shaped like an old style school desk it small and compact so its great almost anywhere and it actually offers very generous storage abilities underneath and in the back pocket.

Honestly my favorite feature of the desk is the fact that the "desktop" is chalk friendly. There is also a storage area on the desktop itself to hold all your pens and even your chalk if you wish! The desk is also completely adjustable for left or right handed children!!!

Sized perfectly for children, your munchkin can be comfortable reading or drawing without feeling overwhelmed by a large desk. Now if they would only make a slightly bigger version for myself...

Want one?

My First Desk is available on Amazon!

1 Comment:

jenny said...

yes your right it is so cute to bad its not biger but hay just the right size for a wee little one(lol)

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