Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Talk about a beautiful weekend.

I always dreamed of having picnic parties when I was a little girl and I've never owned a proper picnic blanket.. until now! This last weekend had some fabulous weather so I decided to take Connor out in the grass to hang out Friday afternoon. Since the dogs pretty much rule the backyard we set up camp under the big magnolia tree in our front yard. The grass may still be a little brown but it was warm and wonderful out there.

I got Connor a season pass to the Montgomery Zoo which happens to have a great shaded park that I loved to play on when I was a little kid.. the Outmat from Go Baby will be spending a lot of time at the Zoo with us as it has to be the easiest travel friendly mat I have ever used. The Outmat comes rolled in its own very light weight travel bag that makes toting it around sooo easy. Though we forgot to bring it with us this time I packed it into the car with the stroller so next time I am certain not to forget. I usually hate to bring a lot of junk with me but the Outmat is so light its really the exception to my rule, plus I can't even count how many times I've wished we had a clean place to sit when we are out and about.

The top of the Outmat consists of a really adorable printed terry material which makes it great for everyday use and it would be amazing for beach use. Its nice and soft for those little hands and feet, so even if your hanging out in a diaper or bathing suit it won't leave you itchy or leave you sticking to the mat itself unlike some vinyl mats. The underside is water resistant as well, we did test this out as when I laid out the Outmat midday it was still a little damp and we camped out on the mat off and on all day and there was no moistness to be had on our side of the mat. Another great benefit to using a terry mat instead of a blanket type material is its very easy to shake off and it dries very fast. When we were done playing I just draped the Outmat over the platform on my carport and it was totally dry in just a few minutes.

The Outmat works great as an indoor play mat as well and that water resistant backing also works really well as a nonslip backing on your hardwood floors too, we found this out totally by trying it out. Though it will still slip a tiny bit unlike a blanket it stayed for the most part flat and open no matter how long Connor played.

If you'd like to see the other designs or get one for yourself go visit Go Baby and check out the Outmat and all their other products!


Rockin' Mama said...

HI Angela

I tagged you! : ) That is if you have nothing to do on a Tuesday night at 11!

Anonymous said...

The Outmat sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Superdumb Supervillain said...

that is really cool! connor is so cute (and color-coordinated, good job mom!)

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