Monday, March 17, 2008

The perfect diaper bag for the ladies that want it all and then some.

I am always talking about what I want in a diaper bag.. and for once I don't have much to add when it comes to the Rowdy Boardwalk Bowler.

The first and most obvious feature that caught my eye is the totally separate and detachable purse that his cleverly hidden under the front flap of the diaper bag. I am always trying to drag along my purse, diaper bag, sling, and baby and needless to say I am always out of arms. With this diaper bag your purse is built right into the diaper bag itself, and to use it all you have to do is unhook two little hooks. If thats not cool enough look how cute that little purse is. I am actually totally happy to take the purse with me and leave the diaper bag on days I don't have Connor in tow.

The Rowdy Boardwalk Bowler bag is actually fairly large which is GREAT now that Connor is moving into the toddler faze. Even with all of Connor's junk stuffed inside for once I don't feel as if I had to take something out of the bottom of the bag I wouldn't be able to get everything back into the bag. Even with its very generous size I do not feel like I am carrying a satchel either, the nice shape actually makes this bag feel smaller when its on your arm. Its a bit wider than my other diaper bags so really the only downfall to that is it doesnt fit as flat against the stroller if you hang it over the handles as some of my other bags, but for an everyday diaper bag I usually end up taking my sling instead of my stroller anyways. As a travel diaper bag, so far I have yet to find anything better. This bag with that little detachable purse would be HEAVEN on a long plane ride as you could virtually get anything you needed in there and only have to take one bag instead of hauling your diaper bag and purse around.

Style wise I really love the leather exterior and the rope handles actually add a lot of character to the bag. I certainly get a lot of questions about mine when I'm in public. I only wish that Rowdy made more canvas options as though I am a huge leather fan it would be nice to have the variety of color and texture options that cloth allows over leather.

Want one of your own? You can buy them directly from Rowdy as well as they are available on Amazon!


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