Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fishy.. Fishy.. Fishy Fish.. a Fish for your travels!

Ok so I got a little overly excited about the title... yes yes.. I know.

I was just as excited about magnetic toys when I was a kid.. I can't even tell you how many of those magnetic hairdo toys I had but I can guarantee to you I never had a magnetic maze and I really wish I had!

This Go-Fish-Go Magnetic Maze from Educo has to be one of the coolest travel toys I have seen yet. Its perfect for sticking in the car to take on those car trips or even just for some quiet time play at home. I am not so sure what is so endlessly amusing about a magnet maze but even I can spend way too much time moving the balls from one pocket in the maze to another.

Magnetic Mazes
serve an even larger purpose than just keeping the kids busy, but its a great way to practice early writing skills and hand and eye coordination. The fact that he maze comes with two diffrent colored balls inside can is great to make play a little more challenging. Its great tool to ask the child to bring all the blue balls to one location and the red to another.

Personally I appreciate the fact that it is not only affordable (at about $12) but there are no pieces to loose (everything is either inside the maze or attached with a string), no batteries to purchase, and no loud noises to distract especially when in the car. You can just stick this little fish in your travel bag and you are good to go. The age range is 2+ but even older kids would find this an amusing travel toy as well.

You can purchase the Go-Fish-Go Maze from Hape Toys or on Amazon!

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Stacy said...

I am well aware that is a Monty Python Reference.... ROFL!

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