Saturday, March 8, 2008

A burpcloth so fabulous I'm not sure if I should snuggle with it or drool on it.

I've never described a burp cloth as snuggly soft, but Burp Armor breaks all the rules. First of all it stays where you put it, its unique shape molds right on your shoulder so no more slippy burp cloth especially when you really need it in a hurry!! Its super absorbent and easily the thickest burp cloth I have ever experienced. Its organic - made of organic cotton and hemp! The best part, however, is that its soo soft I am half tempted to sleep with it myself. Honestly the only thing I would change is the fact that the main part of the burp cloth is white.. Id love to see it in some colors, though the striped border is awfully cute.

Burp Armor claims that once your child is done using it as a burp cloth they will want to use it as a "precious" and I'm most certain they would as I want to adopt it as my own snuggle partner.

Burp Armor is available directly from their webpage!


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