Sunday, March 23, 2008

Book Review : Duck Soup

Duck Soup
by Jackie Urbanovic

Max is back.. and this time he is determined to perfect his first masterpiece soup!

For those of you have never met Max, I highly recommend you check out his first appearance in Duck at the Door. Max is quite an odd duck who does not like to fly south for the winter and loves to cook. Mind you not everything Max cooks is great unless you really like Fish Soup with Curry and Pickled Lemon. (yuck!)

This soup is bound to be his one and only famous masterpiece soup! That is until his friends Brody, Bebe, and Dakota decide that it may just be Max himself that is in the soup. What happens? Well you will just have to read for yourself. I warn you its hillarious, but if you actually do like to eat duck soup you may not ever want to after reading this book! Heh!

Check out Duck Soup on Amazon! Also I highly recommend you check out the "browse inside" option on Harper Collins!

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