Thursday, February 21, 2008

Toy Review : Early Years Toys

I know I've mentioned it before at some point but Connor is obsessed with musical toys. I'm not sure if this kid is born to be a rock star or if he is just tone deaf and trying to compensate.. but if it makes music (and I'm not talking about preprogrammed music.. we are talking about actual sound making toys) he will spend hours shaking, banging, poking, whatever is necessary to make some noise. He got one of these Lock N Rock Linking Musical Shakers from Early Years and we take a piece of it almost everywhere we go. The entire toy comes apart in four separate pieces and can be linked back together in whatever arrangement you desire. We prefer to pay with them separately but as your child grows you can experiment with diffrent combinations to make new sounds! Currently our favorite section is the bells section! Though this toy is recommended for 9+m I think many babies would love the beads section earlier than 9m which would make this a great shower gift in our opinion as it really can grow with the baby!

Early Years also makes great activity toys like this Curiosity Cube. I always jokely refer to activity cubes as the "all in one" baby toy, but seriously if your on a budget or space is limited they make a great alternative as they are several toys in one. Each side of the cube is a new activity and new play experience. Connor currently loves the mirror side but he is just starting to really show some interest in the bead maze. We love this toy for the car as once he gets bored with one side I just flip it over and "tada" its a whole new toy.

Early Years toys are manufactured by International Playthings!

Want them?

Early Years toys are available from International Playthings direct web page as well as on Amazon! (I've added them to our Store as well!)

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