Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feeding Review : Thermos Foogo!

I'm still on the quest to eliminate BPA out of Connor's life and Thermo's new Foogo line of sippy and food storage containers designed for babies and toddlers is fabulous!

The Foogo Sippy cup is the closest to traditional type sippys we have seen in a stainless steel - dpa free model. With a traditional style spout its a super easy transition for children already using a similar type sippy cup. Fully insulated it keeps drinks cold up to 6 hours, which by the way, is AWESOME for day trips. The only disadvantage to this is it adds some weight to the sippy cup itself so Connor has a bit of a hard time holding this sippy cup for long periods of time by himself (at 9 months mind you), an older child shouldn't have any issues or even notice the difference. The spout itself is "soft" but still rigid, Connor has no problems using the spout and unlike some of the other sippy cups we have tried in many cases I've had to remove the valves at least temporarily when he first started using the cup to help him adjust.. He got this one right off the bat with no help from mom. I have also not noticed any dripping even with the cup turned upside down!

Along with sippy cups the Foogo line also includes a toddler straw cup as well as a food jar. I almost hate to admit but the Foogo straw cup has been my recent companion to college with me as I do not own a stainless steel cup of my own and I love its sleek design! It holds about 12 ounces of liquid and I'm happy to report that the drinks I leave with in the afternoon are still cold in the evening as class is finishing. No one has yet to notice that the cup is actually a toddler cup (thank goodness.. lol) and I've actually gotten several compliments on my cute cup. The lid opens with just a touch of a button which is designed for the ease of young hands.. but I actually love it preferred to other cups I have owned in the past that have a screw top lid.

The last addition to the Foogo line is the food jar. Though much bigger than a baby food jar, you might find it a big harder to fit into that diaper bag its great for car trips and even your own lunch (yes yes.. I have used it for my soup on these cold days we have had lately...) It hold 10oz of food which is quite generous and you can easily fit a whole days worth of food (for a a younger baby) or a large meal for a toddler. If I know we are going to be gone most of the day I go ahead and put Connor's lunch and dinner inside and I know they will still be fresh when its time to eat. Like both the cups it will keep cold items cold for 7 hours as well as warm items warm for 5 hours.

I have to say the best part about the Foogo line is they are all dishwasher safe (Id recommend top rack though) which is unusual from a stainless line. Not to mention the entire line is BPA free, the lid and bottom is made of polypropylene and the sippy spout is made of Thermoplastic Elastomer.. all of which in my book are Aok.


Allison said...

Thanks for the review! I've had my eye on these for a while and I might just have to get them all soon -- I love the food jar idea for homemade baby food or just finger foods. And I really like that thermos with the straw. I like all things with straws, actually, and I always drink more water when I have one. Good to know!

Marcea said...

Oh these are really nice! Ive been having a hard time finding the right stuff for my kids milk containers for school. I have trouble keeping them cold.


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