Saturday, February 2, 2008

Feeding Review : Babylicious Messy Bib

Oh the joys of solids.. I don't know about the rest of you guys but I personally really like for my son's clothes to be stain free. Connor on the other hand could care less as long as I let him "do it himself" he is a happy camper (regardless of if doing it himself means scooping the sweet potatoes up with his sleeves).

Babylicious already makes a fabulous line of stylish (but surprisingly affordable) baby bedding and this bib is no exception. I think everyone knows by now that Polka Dots are by far my favorite which of course was its first appeal, but the Get Messy Bib is for just that.. getting messy!

We are in the mist of doing a baby food review (more later on that!) and the Get Messy Bib has been holding its own against all the baby food Connor can throw (literally) at it. The best part... no stains on those precious sleeves and much much less cleanup. Its so much easier to was the bib vs the baby.. its only too bad it doesn't come with a full face shield too! (just kidding)

The Get Messy Bib comes in two diffrent colors, groovy blue dots and pink dots. The best part is you dont have to go searching for that special boutiqe to buy it! At $13.99 I think one shirt saved from stains is well worth that (especially if your comparing that to those expensive name brand baby shirts that seem to be more expensive than my own clothes!)

If sleeved bibs are not your thing, you can still get the non sleeved version too!

Want one? Buy the Get Messy Bib on! Visit Babylicious as well!


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