Tuesday, February 12, 2008

DVD Review : Your Baby Can Read!

I saw the video shown below on you tube and was blown away by the 9 month old reading and RESPONDING to the flash cards... all I could think to myself was NO WAY.. NO WAY.. NO *bleepin... ok i know this is a family friendly site* WAY!!

If Connor could even come remotely close to that I would be blown away... but if he actually touched his nose or laughed when I showed him a flash card at this age I would most likely end up peeing on myself I wont lie. So of course I HAD to try out these DVDs.

Your Baby Can Read is an innovated DVD and Flash Card system designed for babies and children as young as six months old. Can you imagine your one year old actually reading? I'm still just blown away by the video's of children using this system.

We have been watching our Your Baby Can Read starter DVD for about two weeks now usually once a day sometimes twice with meals and before naps... and if anything Connor LOVES it... I haven't noticed him attempting to interact with any of the words yet but he certainly loves to watch the DVD which in itself is an accomplishment as I can usually get a shower in while he is distracted in his bouncer. We are going to start working on the flash cards this weekend and I will certainly keep you guys posted... if he puts his arms up.. or touch his nose.. or points to the dog.. I'll be the first one posting videos all over the internet. LOL

He is growing in such leaps and bounds... even with our little flu disaster this week he has made some many progresses it almost makes me sad... he is such a little sponge and I'm positive this video is at least having some affect on him. Its unusual for a baby DVD as the children on the video actually talk directly to the children watching though in a lot of children's television there are some dialog directed towards the watchers this DVD is one of the few Ive seen that has child to child dialog... Connor really seems to respond to that as at this point he is most interested in other kids vs adults.

I hope I can post an update soon about how Connor read his first word... how cool would that be? Possibly he already has... and I just don't know it. :) He is going to read circles around the other babies at preschool.. I know it!

Want to try too?
Your Baby Can Read is available to purchase on their web page as well as on Amazon!


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