Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Diaper Bag Review : Zospehine Bags

I am a sucker for a messenger bag, be it a diaper bag or just a tote. I'm sure it has a lot to do with how practical they are as well as comfortable. Unfortunately in the realm of diaper bags its very difficult to find a messenger bag that super girlie, or super fru fru. I have a boy so I try at all costs to avoid flowers and/or cutsie winnie the pooh prints when it comes to diaper bags or well anything involving Connor. Zosephine bags are none of the above, and the best part is they do not look like diaper bags at all!

I absolutely LOVE the little window of fabric on the plain background, its such a great little touch, and it makes the bags look ultra modern but still lots of fun. The outside of the bag holds no clues to an onlooker that its actually a diaper bag which leaves you open to using this bag after your baby is well past diapers and bottles. I love this bag so much that I actually use mine to carry my books and supplies to school. Ironically I have had quite of comments on my great bag and all of them are surprised when I reveal its actually a diaper bag.

The inside of the bag has two side pouches for your bottles, a zipper pouch for your small stuff (cell phone, keys, wallet) and a divided side so you can separate diapers and diapering supplies from the rest of your stuff. Though its a bit more narrow than a standard diaper bag it easily holds a small stack of diapers + creams, two bottles, a change of clothes, your snack containers, food container, the changing pad, and a blanket. All the necessities. As a school bag I can get two college sized textbooks, two large notebooks, my huge calculators (two of them), and my folders. Its perfect for the days I have three classes. It would make a perfectly sized laptop bag as well!

Speaking of books, the Zosephine bag has an unusual strap that comes out of the back of the bag vs. the sides. This makes carrying the bag SUPER comfortable even if your carrying a heavy load. My books are not light and my old messenger bag hurt my shoulder awfully. I can happily tell you that not only did the Zosephine bag hold up well to the weight of my bags but my shoulder never was happier, and on the weekend I just take the books out and we go back to diaper duty. The inside of the bag is totally waterproof which works well for baby and school.

I have to admit my favorite part of the bag (if you haven't guessed already) is its ability to be used well after your past the baby stage. Especially when your investing in a nice diaper bag its good to know you will be able to put it to work years after its original job is done.

Want one? The Zosephine diaper bag is available on their web page.


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