Sunday, February 17, 2008

Diaper Bag Review : The Lily Tote by Bumble Bags

The Buzz Collection is a new line of diaper bags from Bumble Bags.

If you are familuar with the Bumble line you can recognize them anywhere for their floral, paisley and almost vintage inspired patterns.. classic, elegant, and timeless.

The Buzz collection, is a whole new shoe for the line of Bumble Bags. Much more modern, streamline, and but with just a touch of Bumble's signature style mixed in. They even worked in their prints on the changing pad!

The Lily tote has some unique features compared to other diaper bags, including a mesh pocket on the inside that is removable so you no longer need to fumble through your diaper bag to find all of your diaper changing goodies. Just pull out the mesh compartment and your good to go. Though I absolutely LOVE this feature if your like me and like to cram your diaper bag FULL of junk its occasionally a bit hard to remove and put back for me as I tend to over fill the bag itself. When you don't attempt to put everything (including the kitchen sink) in your bag, however, it works great and is a huge time saver.

Honestly though my FAVORITE part about this bag is the built in stroller clips. Just drop the shoulder strap down inside the bag and pull out the two stroller clips and hook them on and your in business. Its soo quick and simple those days at the mall.. (ok spring is coming and there is nothing I like to do better on a pretty day than go to the outdoor malls and walk around).

Though this bag appears smaller than it is its very generously sized at 13 1/4"L x 14"H x 5 1/2"W and believe me it will hold a lot of stuff!! The entire bag is waterproof (inside and out) and stain resistant so don't worry about those leaky bottles. Call me a sucker, but I LOVE bottle pockets and this bag features both exterior (on both sides) and two interior bottle pockets. I still have yet to figure out what my fascination with bottle pockets is... but I always find a use for them and in this case I keep my two clean bottles on the outside and the dirty ones on the inside.. its actually quite handy.

Priced at $70 The Lily Tote is the most reasonable bag in the Bumble Bag line.. which for mom's on a budget is a HUGE plus!

Want one?
Visit Bumble Bag's store locater to find a store near you that sells their bags!


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