Monday, February 11, 2008

Book Review : The Boy with Two Belly Buttons

The Boy with Two Belly Buttons
by Stephen J. Dubner

I think everyone can relate at times to the feeling of being a "little diffrent". Though I cannot say that I have two belly buttons, or two nipples, or anything that unusual, I certainly have felt a little diffrent especially growing up by being the shortest person in my class and at 4'10 as an adult I'm certainly always looking up (even to most kids, nothing was worst growing up than giving riding lessons to children half my age and having to let my stirrups out as the 8 year old I was teaching was taller than I was...).

Being diffrent can be fabulous, and it certainly does not make you any less or any more of a person, thats a lesson that I feel is imperative that Connor learn. I see my own height as a blessing and I love being short, though it does make buying pants and dieting more difficult, I would still never change it even if given the option. The Boy with Two Belly Buttons really drives that point home.. though you may feel diffrent or weird .. being diffrent can be great!

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