Thursday, January 10, 2008

Toy Review : Zoobie

Connor meet Winda.. Winda meet Connor

I think it's love at first sight!

Winda is a Zoobie a new toy that is not only adorable but useful to all the moms and dads out there that travel or would like a friend to add to their bedtime routine.

Honestly Winda is bigger than I imagined her to be, I know wildebeests are large but she actually rivals Connor in size which for her features is a great suprise.

Zoobies go from being your childs loveable (and squishable) friend to being a pillow when its time to relax and even a blanket when its time to sleep! If you flip a Zoobie over you see two loops and a velcro clasp. Undo it and tada! you have a fairly large pillow (large enough that even I could nap with a Zoobie). If thats not neat enough, Zoobie's hold a secret inside. Tucked away near their hineys (ok their backside) is a zipper. If you unzip them out pops a really quite large VERY cuddly blanket. Honestly I was concerned about the blanket as I thought it might be difficult to get back inside once you take it out.. however, it only took me a few minutes to
figure out the process and once I had accomplished it once it was a snap the next time! (all Zoobies come with a hang tag around their neck which explains how to fold the blanket which if I had actually read the directions in the first place it would have gone much faster)

Honestly my favorite feature of the Zoobies is each Zoobie has a squishable head. Connor figured this out within just a few minutes of playing with his and that consumed most of his afternoon. The head is filled with microbeads which I personally find addicting to squeeze.

In addition to Winda, Zoobies come in 12 different safari animals so there truly is a Zoobie for every little boy or girl.

Want one?
Zoobies are available on Amazon!

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