Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Semester.. New School

Well this week was the start of a new semester at a new college for me. I transfered to Troy State to be closer to my family (and the fact that I had a scholarship certainly didn't hurt!)

I hate to say it but I was dreading going back this semester with every fiber of my being. I would rather stay home and not miss a second of Connor's life not to mention studying with an 8 month old tugging at your pj pants is distracting to say the least.

To make it worst I had to retake pretty much all of my previous credits because of the transfer including my math credits which makes me sick to my stomach (math is not at all my strong point). My new Algebra teacher... hmm.. He's a strange one, Mr Grinch. I donno what to say about him yet as so far he has spent most of our class time doing problems incorrectly on the board and/or rambling in this slow monotone voice that usually drives me into planning out my review schedule while I wait for him to move on to something more relevant. I hope for my own sake once we get out of the first chapter he gets a little more motivated to teach... and a haircut wouldn't hurt. (I only wish I could take a picture of him for you guys... he would scare the little folks out there)

Needless to say this "two" year degree is going to take me a sum 6 years to complete if it continues on this route. I am going to school to be a nurse and honestly If I thought it would take this long I would have aspired higher. In IL I had to take all my generals plus alot of "extra credit" classes just to get accepted into the program.. now because of the transfer I am pretty much starting that entire process all over again. Sorry I hate to rant but with the nursing shortage you would think they would at least make it a tiny bit friendlier. I still wonder if I should rethink my major sometimes.

On a good note.. my son is the happiest, friendliest, cutest baby you will ever meet. He is worth all this trouble and then some. I wonder when he will finally get his firth tooth or actually crawl on all fours vs dragging himself around the house.


Dewey said...

Wow, that math instructor sounds like the worst. I really admire the energy it must take to raise a baby and go to school full time!

Stephanie said...

Good for you for pursuing your goals in spite of the obstacles! Keep it up!

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