Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sleep Review : CloudB Sleep Sheep

Connor has had this sheep about a week now and to be honest I thought it was a great idea but I was hesitant on believing it worked.

Installation was super easy! Remove from box, undo Velcro, Velcro to crib, done! (just a note the Velcro strip is VERY generously sized so it will fit virtually any crib you can think of. There are four settings : rain, ocean, heartbeat, and whale songs. Currently Connor likes the rain best but all of them are very nice and not overwhelming.

Our first test was during his 10am nap. Morning naps for Connor are always the most traumatic, he is exhausted by 10am but he hates to go to sleep when there is anything (or anyone) around. The poor little man will fall asleep standing up in his walker before he will even consider taking a nap without a fight. I turned on the sheep and laid him down and he was out in less than 5 minutes which to date is a record. To make it even better those 5 minutes were spent talking to the sheep not crying which is his norm.

Since then we have varied the setting every third nap and to date if the Sleep Sheep is turned on he not only goes to sleep faster but he sleeps longer as if I hear him starting to wake up I can sneak in and turn it back on and get a bit longer nap out of him (usually we only nap for 30 minutes max.. we have had several hour long naps since the Sleep Sheep's arrival).

I should mention that the Sleep Sheep also has an adjustable timer so you can set how long you wish it to run before shutting off on its own as well as a adjustable volume. I only wish it came with a remote control so I could turn it back on when I hear Connor starting to fuss without entering the room. A sound activation feature would be great too so it could turn itself back on when the baby awakes. Either way its a wonderful investment as It gives me more time to study and Connor is soo much happier and well rested after his longer naps.

For those parents on the go, babies who have smaller cribs, or just those that would like a Sleep Sheep to take to daycare they also make a smaller version, Sleep Sheep on the Go, that is great for travel. I wouldn't mid having one myself as we could use it in the car!

I only regret I didn't put one the Sleep Sheep on my gift registry for my baby shower!

Want one?

You can get your own Sleep Sheep or Sleep Sheep on the Go (from CloudB) from Amazon.


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