Saturday, January 19, 2008

Music Review : Putumayo Kids - Hawaiian Playground

Hawaiian Playground
by Putumayo Kids

Ever have one of those super stressful days where nothing goes right and your babies regular super happy silly song music breaks your head? Friday I was SOO stressed out over my History class to the point I was about to hire an actor to pretend they were me so I could pretend to be anything else! *laugh*

Seriously though Connor was really feeling my stress and acting insane so I had to do something to break up the routine. I traded in his normal cds for some Putumayo Kids albums and tada... I felt so much better.

My parents lived in Hawaii for several years and I loved to go visit them (well loved everything but the plane ride). Actually my very first vacation when I was a little person was to Hawaii and I still remember my first luha. Nothing is more relaxing than sitting on the beach in with a warm breeze listening to some beautiful mellow music. Connor may have never experienced a beach but I think the feeling is universal.

I particularly enjoy Pi'i Mai Ka Nalu. You can check out a sampling of the entire CD on their webpage. The cd release date is Jan 22nd and if your dreaming of some warmer weather and need a break from those happy cds (not that I do not love them mind you) go spend some pretend time on the beach with Putumayo!

Want one?
You can preorder Hawaiian Playground from Amazon! The release date is Jan 22nd!


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