Monday, January 21, 2008

Book Review : The First Adventures of Incredible You

The First Adventures of the Incredible You
by Custom Made for Kids

I think I have a new addiction to personalized children's items especially books. What is more special than sitting down to read about... well yourself!?! I know as a kid I would have been so excited to have a book about me, it would have made me feel like a celebrity.

The First Adventures of Incredible You is a great customizable storybook. The story itself starts with your babies birth and then talks about all the wonderful "adventures" he/she will get to explore. Every page has customizable aspects to make each book uniquely your own. The most unique part I have seen vrs some of the other customizable books is this book would work perfectly for a non traditional household. Every aspect of the names of the characters in a babies life can be changed to whoever is most important in your life (not just the traditional mommy/daddy aspect), I even included Melos (Connor's chihuahua!) in ours as he is a HUGE part of our life.

I can honestly tell you the illustrations in the book are sooo beautiful. Every page has brightly colored hand done drawings that are a lot of fun to look at. Connor is at that age right now that the pictures are more important than the words and he loves to touch the bright colors on each page. The one above is his favorite and I think we have actually touched each of those polka dots at least a hundred times.

Honestly the only real drawback that I found with this book is I wish the "dedication" at the front of the book had more room to write a note in. You can choose who the book is from and a small dedication title but there is no space to write a special paragraph or two.

Want one?
Hop on over to Custom Made For Kids and start customizing one for yourself! The cost is $32.95 and I assure you its worth it!


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