Monday, January 21, 2008

Accesories Review : Go Baby Muffatee

Ok first I would like to mention that I love gloves, however, no matter what I do they tend to be fixtures in my jacket pockets and never seem to make it on my hands. This is mostly due to the fact that I hate the way it feels to touch things when you have gloves on.

When I saw these muffatees, by Go Baby, I knew I had to have a pair.. and the fact that they make matching pairs for mom & toddlers/children is just icing on the cake.

Though Connor isn't quite old enough to wear them, we have a matching set in blue. I have to say the picture on the webpage does no justice to just how beautiful these muffatees are. Made of alpaca they are the perfect mix of warm and super soft and the knit itself has a raised texture that is soo beautiful.

The best part is they keep your arms and hands toasty warm without interfering with your ability to use your hands or your sense of touch. Also when it comes to toddlers and children you can slip the end of the muffatee over their sleeves or jacket and keep all that yucky cold air from traveling up their arms.

Want your own pair?

Visit the Go Baby webpage and browse all the great designs and colors! They make matching hats & Scarves too!


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