Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blanket Review : Babylicious Yummy Blanket

Looking for style and on a budget?

When I was pregnant with Connor I spent hours and hours scanning every baby magazine I could get my hands on looking for baby products that were not covered with happy bunnies or Elmo. (not that I have a problem with either.. there is just so much Elmo one woman can handle!) I actually first encountered Babylicious while doing my registry at Target. I was originally debating buying the Babylicious crib set in Groovy Blue but in the end Connor's daddy talked me into a Gap Baby set that had forest animals on it. Now that I've actually seen these products in person I really regret that decision. Part of the problem is I Target was routinely sold out of Babylicious products and now I know why! The Babylicious Yummy Blanket is generously sized at 30" x 40" its big enough to be useful well into toddlerville. Made of 100% cotton on one side and 100% polyester flannel on the other its soft and easy to care. I personally have an obsession for all things polka dot so we are in love with the Groovy Blue and Happy. The best part, however, it is incredibly affordable! The yummy blanket is just $26.00 at that price you won't feel as bad when those inevitable "accidents" happen.

Want one?
The Babylicious Yummy Blanket is available on Amazon for $26.00


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