Monday, November 19, 2007

Today was one of those days

I'm not even sure how to feel after today. So many wonderful things happened and on the flip side so did bad (very very frustrating things)!

I do have one HUGE announcement to make....


CONNOR CRAWLED!!! He didn't actually get his belly off the ground but he did officially crawl with both his hands and legs.. (not just using his head as a wheel and pushing!) Im so excited! Possibly now he will grow the hair back on his head where he rubbed it all off from scootin.

Otherwise this is how my day went :

The Bad : (always start with the bad news so the good news looks even better)

  1. I got my transfer slip done at college. Unofficially they will be transfering 15 of my credit hours. Which is HORRIBLE as that means Im loosing a good three semesters worth of credits. Not to mention they are not transfering my math credits so I have to retake two additional math classes. You have no idea how frustrating this is for me... I really need to get out of school to get a job so I can stop begging my friends for clothes (hey Stacy!) for my baby. I'm sorry, I am just sooo frustrated to be making negative ground. I don't even know where to start. This nursing degree it looks like will take me six years to finish at this rate (or longer). I really should have just done an english degree but honestly what would I do with it once I had it?
  2. I looked everywhere in the house, ripped apart my car, and cried on the floor of the living room but no where can I find my coupon book. This does not sound so bad.. but that coupon book is my lifesaver. I had over $2,000 dollars in baby coupons, formula checks, and coupons to just about every baby/kid store in town. Even worst my WIC checks were in the back of it. So that means all of Connor's formula for the next three months just walked away. I'm not even sure what to do.. I called everywhere in town that I went to on the last day I saw it and no luck. I'm truely hoping its just hiding. I'm truely lost without it financially and it took me months and months of calling companies to get all those coupons.. it was enough to last me into next summer. Ugg just thinking about this makes me want to cry again.. I'm seriously going to get an ulcer.

The good news :

  1. Connor is offically mobile (see above).. currently I'm taking this as good news but I may move it up to the bad news in a few days. LOL
  2. Today in the mail came a huge box of baby clothes (THANK YOU STACY!!). Connor offically inherited Sagan's wardrobe which came not even a moment too soon as I previously only had a total of THREE sleepers and I was pretty much washing them on a daily basis. Stacy is currently my hero. We love you!
  3. Amber called and said a Clik boosterseat arrived in the mail back in IL. Which means I won the Cookie Magazine Clik boosterseat giveaway. Connor wont be in a booster seat for awhile yet.. but thats awsome anwyays as its one less thing for me to worry about and at this rate I won't be out of school yet which means its one less thing that I have to beg for.

It's been a really bad day.. Im still panicing about the coupon book. If WIC won't replace my checks I have no idea what I will do when I run out of formula especially with Christmas coming... *sigh* At times like this I really regret going back to school. Sometimes I feel so awfully guilty that I decided to go back to school instead of work full time. I know it will beniefit us so much in the end but I feel so terribly guilty that I am now so reliant on my family to take care of us and help when up till recently I have always been sooo independant. If it wasn't for Connor I would happly starve rather than ask for help but now that is not a possiblity.

Ahh.. tommorrow will be better right? If I could just win a new car instead of a Booster seat I'd truely be the happiest girl in the whole world. Don't let my current car hear that though as it has to stay running until I graduate.. no excuses. Everyone cross your fingers and toes that my coupon book shows up.

Anyone wanna trade me a new Honda CRV (or Element) for a brand new spanky Clik booster seat? :)


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