Friday, November 16, 2007


Connor got his first "official" haircut yesterday. I took him to the salon my Aunt Deanna works in and she did the honors. She had trimmed the back a little bit before but this was his first all over cut.

I hate the fact that I had to cut his hair I keep dreaming of having a baby with long ringlet hair (yes even though he is a boy!) but it was starting to look SOOOO mangy. He is trying to learn to crawl and he had rubbed almost all the hair off the back of his head and on the sides. All that was left was a mop on the top and these ringlets that hung over his ears. Belive me it was not a good look. Needless to say its all one length now and it looks a thousand times better.

Now if he would only learn to crawl and stop using his head as a wheel we could get back to just letting it grow.


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