Sunday, December 20, 2015

Hope you have a Gnoment to appreciate the people you love over the holidays.

What are Gnoments? Gnoments are an adorable tech friendly relationship building tool!

Ever since I started accepting review requests again for this blog I wanted to focus very heavily on tech and geek sector items. I actually made a joke to my partner when the review request for Gnoments hit my email box comparing them to the "elf on the shelf" of romance. Once they arrived however we realized they were so much more!

Gnoments are a set of two plush gnomes. There is a boy and girl gnome both weighted so they easily sit on a shelf or can be positioned where you need them to be and also have a magnet in their hand (As gnomes like to hold hands!) and you can use them in so many cute ways!  You can use your gnomes to leave messages for your significant other as well as small trinkets as each gnome comes equipped with a small backpack for storing items, as well and quite possibly the most exciting part for me is that each Gnome can also has a NFC tag embedded inside of the plush. A NFC tag allows a user with an NFC enameled phone to scan the Gnome and leave small digital messages (messages, maps, ect) for a really unique experience. You will need a NFC enabled phone (currently only andriod phones support this) and need the NFC tools app. Sadly we could not test this feature as both me and my significant other use iPhones which are as of yet not supported. Gnoments also come with a very nice illustrated book which tells their story as well as makes suggestions as to how to use your gnomes.

Gnoments are an adorable idea and in a world where so many of us spend so much time with our technology and phones its actually rather nice to have a physical tool to use in your relationships. Gnoments are not only for couples, you could easily use them to leave notes for your kids! Honestly I think our children are as fascinated or more by the idea than we are! Check out the video below to get a quick overview of how to use the NFC chip as well as see the other videos to learn more about Gnoments. You can visit the Gnoments webpage as well to purchase or read more about these adorable plush gnomes!

Disclosure: I was given a sample Gnoments for review, we were not compensated for this post in any other way. My opinions and comments on items we review are always my own and are never influenced by sponsors.


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