Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Book Review : I Must Have Bobo!

Willy has a favorite stuffed friend or "pet" as Connor likes to call him named Bobo. Bobo is from the very beginning of the book a quite popular plush monkey. Willy wakes up one morning to realize that his beloved Bobo is no where to be found, not even under the bed, and Willy does everything with Bobo!! Well it seems that Earl, Willy's crazy cat, loves Bobo as much as Willy does and he's hiding in the bed with him!

I had to laugh right there as though Connor's favorite "pet" is not nearly as important to him as Bobo is to Willy he does get rather upset when he can't find Helicopter (his current name though it changes as well... a plush black dog that is shaped really similar to Bobo in this book). He does routinely argue with my chihuahua Melos and the face he gives Melos is very very similar to the look that Willy gives Earl every time he catches him with Bobo. So needless to say Connor really got into the storyline and loves to point out how naughty Earl is just like "his" Melos.

Personally I absolutely love I Must Have Bobo! and it's become one of my favorite quick reads as it's one of those picture books that you can really get into when your reading it out loud. Connor especially loves it when I throw my arms up in the air and I say "I MUST HAVE BOBO!" really loud every time Willy has lost Bobo again!. He also loves to squeal "BAD EARL!!" every time Earl takes off with Bobo when Willy is not watching. It's a fairly fast read with only one real phrase per page but on the nights that I'm especially tired and I want a book that has a big bang without having to spend two hours reading it, Bobo has moved to my top ten list in choices.

The graphics in the book are simplistic on a creamy yellow backdrop. No major elabrate drawings or super bright colors so if your looking for a stunning picture book you may have to look twice at I Must Have Bobo! as though it is rather "simple" I love the fact that it's not busy and it's all very tasteful. It's one of those books that will look as good 20 years from now as it does now. It reminds me a little of the same sort of "look" as Harold and the Purple Crayon from my youth where only the important items in the background other than Harold have any real detail.

I Must Have Bobo! by Eileen Rosenthal is a super fun read for both children and adults and you can pick up your copy on Amazon!

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